Christmas Nativity

Date: 6th Nov 2015 @ 1:25pm

This week, we have been practising our lines for the Nativity.  We all like who we are.  It is about a caretaker that is called Mr Potts.  The school has a tree and it is bare so the caretaker, Mr Potts, decorates it with 5 christmas baubles.   Are your parents coming to the Christmas Nativity?  What could you wear for your costume?  Can you think of any props you might need for the play and your part?

Mrs M wrote:

Thanks Millie. Props - let's design and decorate our own big baubles for Mr Potts to place on the Christmas tree.

tia wrote:

my parents are coming to the play charlie mit have a donky coestoem because he is a donky the mice mitt be dressed as mice and mr potts makes 5 babales.

Mrs M wrote:

Thank you Tia. Over the coming weeks, we could paint the baubles together as a class. Charlie could wear brown for a donkey and make a pair of ears. All the mice could wear black trousers / leggins and a black t-shirt. I wonder if we can make tails? : )

Millie wrote:

How about the angels wear tinsel on their heads?