Horrible Histories. Strange Tudor Laws.

Date: 1st Nov 2015 @ 11:49am


Would you like to have lived under Queen Elizabeth I's rule?  Give reasons for your answers.

Mrs M wrote:

Oh no I wouldn't! Queen Elizabeth seemed very particular in how she wanted her people to dress and what she wanted them to look like and do! In the 21st Century, we can wear almost anything! I think this is fantastic!

Maddison and Erin wrote:

No we woodent because we cant werere want.

kitty wrote:

No thank you because it doesn't sound very nice at all. I agree with the idea of not wearing cloaks because men could reach their swords more easily. I don't agree with not allowing people to wear purple because lots of people like purple! I

charles wrote:

No I wouldn't! It would be very scary living when Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen. She did not let you wear purple clothes. When you went to see the Queen, you had to wear a woolly hat at all times! I do like her idea of not wearing a cloak - it means men could get to their swords more easily. We are lucky that we can wear whatever clothes and colours we like these days. We can choose whatever colour we like.

millie wrote:

no I wouldn't . Queen Elizabeth 1st told you that you could not wear cloaks or purple cloth. She said that you have to wear a hat every Saturday. If you wear purple and a cloak without a hat she will arrest you.

Tia wrote:

I WOULD NOT like to follow her rules because she will arrest you if you don't follow her rules and if you wear a cloak it will be harder to rays you sord .

Ruby wrote:

-no I wouldn't because she bosis us around and we daont lighc it. it is a bit confusing and to bosiy to us and uv pepol and it is abit meen to us. I would hate note being allowed to wear purple clothes.

charlie wrote:

yes I wod like to liv whith QWEN ELLISABEHT BCUSE she hade good lros.

jack wrote:

No I don't because she seems very horrible and you woud get sent to prison if you don't follow queen Elisebeths rules'

sophie wrote:

No I don`t because she didn`t let us where cloucs because they can`t get there sords qicker.NO I DON`T because evry sunday you have to were wooly hats.

j c wrote:

I wud not lighk to live wiv so much ruols. I Agr whiv not being abull to liaie clock.

aidan wrote:

no I wood not because the rules were un fere thay whernt aloud to wear cloaks or purple clothes.

kieran wrote:

i wouldt liv with queen Elizabeth I because she is
hangry and she duznt let us wear cloaks or the colour purple.

ihna Heidi wrote:

no because she is mean and bossy.its not all her rules because of Queen Victoria and Queen Victoria has the nicest rules then her because she is nice.Queen Elizebeth always wunted her way and not good because its mean and nasty.