Leaf collecting in Art

Date: 13th Nov 2015 @ 11:40am

We went outside onto the field yesterday to find some leaves that we thought were quite interesting. Miss Woodcock really liked taking us outside becuase, although it was windy, we all ran around enthusiastically and smiled lots whilst collecting our leaves. Near the infant playground., there was lots of yellow and green leaves and some of the leaves we found were different patterns and had some scales on. We looked at the different colours and discussed what happened to leaves in the autumn.

The most popular leaf that we found was the maple leaf, from the maple tree. We seem to have lots of them in our field. We noticed that most of the leaves were breaking because they were old and dying.

When the wind started to pick up, some of us started to kick and throw the leaves at the fence. They stuck to the fence and we got to pick our favourite leaves off the fence.

We collected the leaves in a tray, but because it was windy, they kept blowing away. Lexie and Evie carried them back to the classroom making sure we lse anymore. We had to try and draw the leaves without taking the pencil off the paper and also by closing our eyes. We had to draw the leaf from what we could see, and we weren't allowed to move it.

When we were drawing, closing our eyes seemed to be the hardest, but the funniest.

We also went in the outside classroom to look at some of the leaves that we had collected.

Erin Walker wrote:

First we went outside to look for some leaves for are project. We were all very pleased with the leaves that we collected and we all enjoyed it. When it started to get wined we threw the leaves on the fens and they stuck to the fens. Me and Jess were partners. We found lots of different shaips ,siesis and colus of leaves.Then it started to get quite cold so we took cuver in the hut. When we were in the hut Miss Woodcock showed us all of the leaves that we had collected.