Our Safer Internet Day in 2M

Date: 10th Feb 2015 @ 3:59pm

We have learnt alot about the internet today - all the great, positive things and some of the not so positive things!  We started the day with a whole school assembly.  Mrs Muir talked to us about 'Good Digital Deeds' and gave us ideas as to how we can help our family and friends with the internet.

This morning, we played 'A Web of Connections'.  With a ball of string, we discovered how we can all be connected in some way on the internet - this is why we have to be so careful about what we say.  We also played a game called 'Stand on the Spot'.  Mrs Muir placed different answers around the classroom and she gave us different scenarios that we might find ourself in online.  We went and stood where we thought the answers were.  It made us think about esafety.  Before lunch, we also thought about our own digital promise and Mrs Muir took a photo of us with our promise.

This afternoon we logged onto our school webpage.  We had a discussion with each other about How we can make the internet better?  Following this, we had a tour around school looking at all the decorated classroom doors!  They looked great!