Safer Internet Day

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 12:39pm

Today we learnt lots about the internet and how to stay safe online. We loved becomming internet spies and thinking about ways to disguise ourself online. In the morning, we watched a great drama production which gave us lots of tips (and laughs) about how to stay safe online. A few weeks ago, we completed an E Safety quiz so we spent some time looking through this - Miss Revill was very impressed with how much we know about staying safe online. Finally, we ended the day by creating our own stay safe hearts. The internet is a truly wonderful thing and we have learnt lots about the ways to use it safely.

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Dylan H & Etienne M wrote:

Me and Dylan think Safer Internet Day in smart because you learn:
how to blog, how to be safe online and even learn how to touch type!
And today...

georgia W wrote:

I have learned how to stay SAFE on the internet and make sure you never meet up with any one you don't know because it could be DANGROUS and even if you think that its you friend's username it might be a adult who wants to get into your PERSONAL INFORMATION and that's always a big risk. remember stay SAFE and BLOCK or REPORT if you see something inappropriate and defiantly TELL a responsible adult this is what I have learned.

Albert and Daniel wrote:

We experienced are class mates getting bullyed on video games and on apps we applied the SMART rule and removed them as a friend.

Imogen and Shannon wrote:

Me and Shannon think its important to stay safe online, don't accept friends you don't know and block or tell someone when they put nasty comments. we don't tell people are personal information.

courtney j emily b wrote:

I think internet safety is important because it tells you the rules about how to keep safe online here's a example you get a friend request of a stranger and you don't accept and they keep sending rude messages and pictures here's what to do block them or report them tell a trusted adult and you'll be safe never meet up with them or give any personal information keep safe.

Olivia and Isabella wrote:

Me and Isabella have been learning about internet safety and that you need to stay safe on the internet by not giving your personal information when you're chatting or posting messages or pictures. Also, if you get a friend request from a stranger you should block them.

ethan w aaron c wrote:

Today we have learned to apply the SMART rules Safe: never talk to strangers online Meeting: never accept friend requests from people you don't know

Leila and Jess wrote:

We have learnt that it is important to stay safe online because people can contact you to meet up and say bad things to you. If this happens to you should block and report them. Remember to be SMART and not give out any persanol information.

Jack r & Dylan h wrote:

Today we have learnt how to apply SMART and report people online gaming servers.

Millie and Emily N wrote:

I have learned how to stay safe online. We call it SMART, S is for safe. keep safe by not giving out any personal information like address, phone number, school and full real name. M is for meeting. Never meet up with people you've met online. A is for accepting. Accepting email from someone not sure on is dangerous.