Science afternoon

Date: 8th Jul 2016 @ 12:11pm

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon with Suzannah and Gair Ford carrying out lots of experiments and finding out lots of exciting things about chemicals and their reactions.

We experimented with electricity- looking at conductors and insulators and found that the metal on our zips and metal strips on our shoes were conductors, but that our plastic buttons were insulators.

We used a PH scale to test whether liquids like hand wash, lemon juice, kitchen cleaner and coke were acids or alkalis. We found out that water was neutral.

Gair and Suzannah showed us that if you mxed together different chemicals in a bottle, you could shake thebottle and the liquid would change colour. We thought this was magic!!

We explored how the molecules in solids, liquids and gases moved around and took it in turns to pretend to be the molecules.

We were really excited to make the slime! To make this, we mixed together pva glue and water and then added green food colouring. After we had mixed this together, Suzannah added the borax. We had to be careful not to touch the slime as the borax is an irritant. Owen managed to stand up with his slime and stretch it all the way from the table to his head!

We had a lot of fun outside setting off water rockets, some of which explored in Gair's face! We also got to put mentos in bottle of coke and watched it shoot out!

We were lucky enough to complete other experiments like volcanoes, chromatography and other fun activities!

We had a really great day!