#ShareAHeart 2M

Date: 10th Feb 2016 @ 2:58pm

This afternoon, we have been thinking about ESafety again.   We watched three short ESafety videos where children, in the videos, got themselves into trouble!   We thought about what those children should have done to stay safe online.

We wrote our ideas in our hearts so that we could share our thoughts.

We will always help our friends if they are in trouble.

This is the advice we would give our friends:

Do not put personal information online - Sophie

Do not take pictures of yourself and send them to people you do not know - Aidan

Do not take silly pictures of your private parts and send them to a friend.  Your friend could send the picture to anyone!! - Jack C

Do NOT go on facebook, instagram, whatsapp, youtube - you have to be 13 years old or above to go on these.  Youtube is 16 - Ruby

Do not agree to meet strangers that you have met online.  These can lead to serious problems - Ihna

Never ever go on chatrooms and speak to strangers you don't know - Charles

Don't show anything private - Isla

Don't share your second name online - Elizabeth

Don't share information like where you live - Kitty

Don't text people unless you are absolutely sure of who they are - always ask and check with your parents - Heidi

Why don't you watch YouTube for kids.   Children are allowed to watch this.  Otherwise you have to be 16 or over - Ellis


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