World Book Day

Date: 8th Mar 2016 @ 2:50pm

In year 3, we spent the morning completing different book activites. We had to draw a picture of the character we came dressed as and then describe it. We also has to wirte a book review and discuss the plot and characters. The next activity we did was creating our own stories. To do this we had to write down and cut out different characters, settings and objects from different books. At random we had to pick 2 characters a setting and a prop and create our own mini stories.

Laura picked: Harry Potter and the Queen ice, living in an ice palace with a wand.

Callum picked: Aguero, Fantastic Mr Fox, The death Star and chocolate from Willy Wonka.

Lexie Picked: Harry Potter, Darth Vader, living in the underground and they had goo.

On Thursday 3rd march, the book fair opened and there was lots of different books like Creature Teacher and lots more. A few of us bought a book or stationary from the book fair.

Look at the pictures of us dressed up for the day!

Conor, Dylan, James, Sam, Laura and Billie all dressed as Harry Potter.

Owen came as Charlie Bucket

Georgia was an Oompa Lumpa- So was Miss Woodcock!

Aanya and Charlotte were Snow Queens

Isla was Mildred from the Worst Witch

Lexie, Erin, Erin and Jess were all Herminone.

Gwen Was the Creature from Creature Teacher.

Lieselotte was Nimbus 2000

Atharva was The Wimpy Kid.

Josh R was Darth Vader

Josh D was Mr Twit

Evie was Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Carli was Ginny

Harvey was a ninja

Callum was Horrid Henry

Sam was Fantastic Mr Fox

Sean was Aguero from a Manchester City Football Book.

"There was loads of people dressed up as characters from Harry Potter!" Lexie

"All the grown ups dressed up, I really liked it and they made a show!" Laura

"The funniest grown up was Mr Hope!" Isla

"Some people in KS1 were Star wars character too!" Josh R

"There were some children who dressed up as characters that no one else did!" Atharva

"We did some really fun activities!" Erin M

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