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Clean for the Queen

Date: 6th Mar 2016 @ 2:16pm

Following a school assembly about the national Clean for the Queen initiative, Marlborough pupils couldn't wait to take part in our own school clean up on Friday 4th March.  We were excited to hear that our local MP was going to join us on the day. Sadly, a heavy snow fall stopped us from seeing the litter so we had to postpone the event.  Look out for the new date coming soon!

Girls' football success

Date: 6th Mar 2016 @ 2:11pm

Marlborough girls’ football team have enjoyed a season of success.  They were awarded county champions earlier this term and were selected to represent the whole of Cheshire in the North of England finals beating over 4,500 other teams to get there!  A coach was booked and the girls travelled to Rotherham in style with family and school staff to cheer them on.  The journey was long, with snow making the most direct route impassable.  Once they arrived, the girls got to work against 10 other teams.  They pulled together to play some great football winning 1 match, drawing 3 and losing just 1. All the girls played brilliantly with star performances from Caitlin our goal keeper who saved lots of attempts on goal, conceding just 1 and Susie who scored with the final kick of the last game.  A huge thank you to Mr Hope for coaching the girls and organising the trip, everyone who went had a great day!

1st Place in Youth Speaks Competition

Date: 6th Mar 2016 @ 2:09pm

A team of 3 Marlborough pupils represented the school in the annual Rotary Cub Youth Speaks competition.  They prepared a speech on “The hidden benefits of computer games” which caught the imagination of the adults and children alike.  Competition was tough and we are delighted that our children succeeded in taking first place.  Well done to Edward, Grace and Susie who now go on to the next round!

World Book Day!

Date: 4th Mar 2016 @ 2:32pm

Yesterday was World Book Day and people dressed up as lots of different characters from thier favouirte book.

Evie dressed up as Belle.

Tallulah dressed up as Pippi Long Stocking and her brother dressed up as Fantastic Mr Fox!

Tye dressed up as Harry Potter. Harry Potter is Tye's favourite book!

Grace dressed up as Wilbur the cat from Winnie the Witch.

Owen dressed up as Ron Weasley.

Jessica dressed up as Gretel - she even had some bread crumbs as a prop!

Lily-Mae dressed up as Winnie the Witch.

We watched the teachers do a really funny play. It was called Turkey Lurkey. Mr Parish was the turkey and Mrs Pollard was the Queen. Miss Reeson was maid marion and she was crying because she had lost Robin Hood!

We had a brilliant day!

World Book Day

Date: 4th Mar 2016 @ 2:07pm

Oh! 15 children in our class thought he would be The Very Hungry Caterpillar and 4 children thought he would be a digger.

Mission Impossible Transition Event

Date: 3rd Mar 2016 @ 2:33pm

Year 6 have been off to Tytherington again for another monring of science. This time we took part in a Mission Impossible challenge. We watched a video which showed us how it is possible for a man to walk on custard before trying to make our own mixture which would allow us to do the same. Next we were allowed to burn various compounds in a bunsen burner so that we could work out which are used in the making of fireworks - some of the colours produced were amazing. Finally we had races to see who could get a dye to travel up the xylem tubes of a piece of celery the fastest.

We had a great morning and LOVED the hands on science!

Feeling Arty!

Date: 1st Mar 2016 @ 9:39pm

We've been busy preparing our pictures for the up and coming art exhibition. The children have put in lots of effort (the silence indicated this!) and are really looking forward to sharing these with you.

Super Swimming - Macclesfield and District Swimming Gala

Date: 1st Mar 2016 @ 9:15pm

Well done to our super star swimmers who came 3rd tonight in the Macclesfield and District Swimming Gala! They showed absolutely AMAZING team spirit and swam brilliantly! Miss Upton and Miss Grindley are very proud of you!! smiley

Behaviour surveys

Date: 1st Mar 2016 @ 7:55pm

The parent's behaviour survey is closed.  School staff have had the chance to feedback thier views on behviour in school and children in Years 2 to 6 have started to complete on line surveys with Mrs Pollard.  Pupils in Reception and Year 1 will be able to share their views in class discussions.  We have already started to analyse the feedback from staff and parents and, once we have the pupils views, we will adjust our new behaviour policy to take account of the feedback.  We hope that working with all our stakeholders in this way will ensure that everyone is happy with the way we manage and support behaviour needs in school.

Book Week dressing up day.

Date: 1st Mar 2016 @ 8:30am

Naughty Bus is going to dress up for World Book Day on Thursday too. We are wondering....... Who or what will he be dressed as? Do you have any ideas?

Science Visitor in 2M

Date: 29th Feb 2016 @ 9:29pm

Today we were very lucky to have a Scientist visit out class.   Mrs Watt is a Scientist at Astra Zeneca.  She taught us what 'Habitats' mean.  We talked about the different habitats that there are and why animals live in a certain habitat.   We enjoyed learning lots and completing activities around what we had learnt.

We hope Mrs Watt comes to visit us again!

Naughty Bus went missing

Date: 26th Feb 2016 @ 9:21pm

On Thursday Naughty Bus sent a letter, it said


I went off on my own for an adventure but my wheels have got stuck! I am somewhere dirty but I don’t know where! You might need to bring your wellies or you will get your feet stuck!

I left my maps behind at the school office because they were too heavy so I don’t know how to get back even if I could get out.

I left some bus stops behind so maybe if you follow the trail you might find me……… please hurry I don’t like it here! Write down the bus stop numbers on the right places on the map so you can find them again later for me.

I know I am naughty for going off without a grown up but I am feeling very scared that I might rust if I am out all night and I am very cold too. Please come and help me.

Love from Naughty Bus!


We had to go and find Naughty Bus straight away. We decided to take some string and scissors in case we needed to catch him. We put our wellies on so we didnt sink!

We were super at reading the maps and found all the bus stops. Naughty Bus was very high up on the junior playground equipment, we couldnt reach him.  Harry found a big stick and told Miss Egginton to climb up and poke the bus down. We all cheered when we had rescued him.

Take a look at the pictures.

How do you think he got up there?

Bike Riding

Date: 26th Feb 2016 @ 8:44pm

Today was very exciting!  We had our first Bikeability Balance lesson.

We learnt all about the different parts of a bike as well as how to check that the tyres were pumped up and the brakes were working. We also learnt how to check that our helmets fit. We have four more sessions ahead of us. Have a look at the pictures on the gallery section of the blog. More to follow next week!

For further information on Bikeability Balance check out the website:  www.Bikeability.org.uk  or www.cyclist-training.co.uk   

Please tell me what you enjoyed about the bike lesson today..............




Art Project update

Date: 24th Feb 2016 @ 10:14am

Just before half term, we finished our final versions of our art for the Art Project.

On the whole we were much more pleased with our second go so were happy that we got to have a practise and learn from our mistakes the first time round!

Most of us chose to use the same colours but a couple of us changed our minds having seen how lovely other childrens work looked using different colours.

We really concentrated on our sketching to ensure that we didn't press too hard so that if we wanted to change it we could. The black for the trunk was the trickiest part to get neat because we had to make sure we took our time, didn't smudge the black and create a neat line along the side of the trunk.

Here are some pictures of our work. We think they're going to look really good when theyr're framed and hung in the exhibition. If you look in 3W's gallery, you will see all of our work.

Brilliant Brass!

Date: 23rd Feb 2016 @ 8:33pm

Mama Mia...here we go again..!!!

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been learning how to play the Abba Classic 'Mama Mia'! They're reading music notation brillainatly and playing a variety of notes as quavers and crotchets (not the crisps!!).

Well done my liltte magic musicians!!

Help ! The Naughty Bus is stuck

Date: 23rd Feb 2016 @ 4:10pm

Today we arrived back at school to find that the Naughty Bus had got stuck on top of the projector !!!!!

How can we get him down?

Safer Internet Day 2016

Date: 22nd Feb 2016 @ 5:45pm

This year in 5Ho, for Safer Internet we looked at how to ensure we stayed safe online and how to deal with cyber bullying.  

After completing our Survey Monkey earlier this term, we analysed the results and used these to improve our understanding. We found our that as well as making sure we only use nicknames online to protect our identify, that we should make sure we only share these with our parents if we are online gaming or blogging. When communicating online, if we share our nickname identify, this should only be with people we know I  real life - our friends. 

We know that cyber bullying is an increasing problem as people use social media more and more and therefore designed steps that we should take to ensure that we don't become a victim and what to do if we do become a victim. The most important rule we came up with was TELL SOMEONE as cyber bullying happens in a place where no one else can see unless you tell them.

Cooking @ Tytherington

Date: 21st Feb 2016 @ 7:56pm

We had a fantastic time cooking at Tytherington School. For homework, we had created a valentines recipe - we used this to cook our very own valentines meal.

In addition, we completed some English work, artwork and took a tour of the school. We would like to thank Tytherington School for this opportunity.


Links to Tytherington's twitter posts:

Twitter 1

Twitter 2

Twitter 3

Twitter 4


King's Science Afternoon

Date: 21st Feb 2016 @ 7:52pm

Sixth form students from King's visited our school to show us some of the cool science we can look forward to enjoying in high school. We enjoyed chemistry and physics and got enjoy hands on practical work which was lots of fun. We all look forward to starting high school.


Thanks King's!

Safer Internet 2016

Date: 21st Feb 2016 @ 7:51pm

As part of our work on Blogging, 6U have been looking at how to Blog online safely. With this in mind, we created a set our own safety rules.

1. When Blogging online, ensue you never use your real name (create a nickname that you tell a trused adult).

2. Never Blog about something that is personal to you or your friends. Always make sue you have permission from anyone that you are including in your Blog.

3. Never post pictures of yourself, friends or family.

4. Don't include any personal information that could give away who you are to strangers.

5. Think carefully about what you say online. Once there - even when deleted - you can't be sure that someone hasn't saved the information. 

We also discussed the results of our pre-Safer Internet Quiz to ensure that no one had any misunderstandings about how to protect themselves online.

Later this year, we will be following up our work on this subject during PSHE lessons - focusing on social media and pressures associated with having on online profile as the children get older.

Pet Day

Date: 21st Feb 2016 @ 5:23pm

On Wednesdy 10th February Year 1 held a Pet Day where all children were allowed to invite their pets into school for the day. Rhona and Henry brought in their dogs and Mrs Buck also brought in her dog - Rom - to show us.

We would like to thank everyone for bring in their pets for us to meet. We all had a fantastic time learning how to look after animals in our home

Music festival

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 7:13pm

Staff were bursting with pride during the Macclesfield Music Festival at Macclesfield Academy.  Our pupils really did us proud with their enthusiasm, musical skills and excellent behaviour.  Several members of the audience representing other schools commented to me that they were amazed by the skills of Marlborough pupils.  There were some exceptional individual performances including Dan, our very talented Year 6 drummer,who had the entire auditorium cheering!  The pupils had a great time and I can't wait for next years festival. 

3G's part in creating a safer internet

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 4:37pm

Today we watched a fantastic play about internet safety, which not only addressed relevant safety issues but had a big focus on how to deal with them. This led in to a class discussion about the sensible ways that the children have dealt with situations that have arisen whilst on the internet. This was followed up with possible situations that may arise and how best to deal with them. The children then all contributed to the class piece on 'Playing our part in creating a better internet'. We discussed the importance of the children's suggestions including using a username and always checking you have your privacy settings on.



SID 2016

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 2:23pm

An overview of our SID and activites.

On Tuesday 9th February we spent the afternoon carrying out SID activities. We talked about the assembly Mrs Muir held, discussed the survey that we all did and picked the right answers, we thought about how we would feel if we recieved certain messages and picked feelings to describe us and we created our own rules to make the internet a better place.

On Friday 12th February we watched a performance about SID and the problems we might have and how to solve them.

Billie: We were told not to give out our personal information like our school, house address and phone number.

Callum/Lexie: We should not go on social media sites until we are 13 and an adult should know and be near you.

Carli: People aren't always who they say they are. Be careful who you talk to.

Conor: People could be in disguise- adults could be pretending to look like children. Tell an adult if you are worried.

Georgia: We watched a play about internet safety and learnt alot about it.

Jessica: You should never put your real name or anything about you on the internet. Your usernames should be made up.

Evie: If something comes up on your computer for example: asking for money or information. Stop, block and tell someone.

Joshua R: Don't carry worries with you, if you are worried about anything you must ask and tell someone.

Owen: Cyber bullying is bullying over the internet eg: posting pictures or saying rude and mean things. If you are mean to your friends over the internet, you will lose your friendship.




Learning Blogs!

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 2:17pm

This year you have been creating Learning Logs on a weekly basis to show me and your parents what you have learnt over the week. These have been great to see, very colourful and imaginative and some really fantastic pieces have been produced that show the depth of your understanding.

After February half term, you will have the opportunity to continue with your Learning Log in its' current format or to show your learning through a Learning Blog!

Just add your blog onto the blogging area on the school website to share your learning for the week. It will still need to be completed by Wednesday so that we can share them with each other still.

Why not have a try this holiday by writing a blog about your break and letting us know what you have been up to!

Don't forget all the blogging rules we have discussed and make sure your parents have completed your permission slip.

Happy blogging!