Class 3E: Blog items

Science afternoon

Date: 8th Jul 2016 @ 12:11pm

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon with Suzannah and Gair Ford carrying out lots of experiments and finding out lots of exciting things about chemicals and their reactions.

We experimented with electricity- looking at conductors and insulators and found that the metal on our zips and metal strips on our shoes were conductors, but that our plastic buttons were insulators.

We used a PH scale to test whether liquids like hand wash, lemon juice, kitchen cleaner and coke were acids or alkalis. We found out that water was neutral.

Gair and Suzannah showed us that if you mxed together different chemicals in a bottle, you could shake thebottle and the liquid would change colour. We thought this was magic!!

We explored how the molecules in solids, liquids and gases moved around and took it in turns to pretend to be the molecules.

We were really excited to make the slime! To make this, we mixed together pva glue and water and then added green food colouring. After we had mixed this together, Suzannah added the borax. We had to be careful not to touch the slime as the borax is an irritant. Owen managed to stand up with his slime and stretch it all the way from the table to his head!

We had a lot of fun outside setting off water rockets, some of which explored in Gair's face! We also got to put mentos in bottle of coke and watched it shoot out!

We were lucky enough to complete other experiments like volcanoes, chromatography and other fun activities!

We had a really great day!

Fieldwork in 3W

Date: 26th May 2016 @ 9:19am

This week, 3W have been exploring the ourdoor environment. Their focus for geography was to be able to recognise physical and human features. The children's task was to carry out a scavenger hunt by looking at the pictures on their worksheet, finding the object around the school grounds and then deciding if the object was a human or a physical feature.

It was so lovely to see the fantastic teamwork and the bundles of enthusiasm we had as a class.

All of the class agreed how much they enjoy taking their learning outdoors. Fingers crossed for some more sunny weather!!

Freddy Fit Circuit Training in PE

Date: 23rd May 2016 @ 8:58pm

Over the last half term, year 3 have been taking part in circuit training in PE.

Each week, we have been introduced to more activities, exericises, stretches and challenges for us to have a go at. We particularly like the balance wobble board and we are getting a lot more confident at balancing on it now!

Miss Woodcock has been really pleased with the effort that we all put in to trying to complete the stretches and exercises correctly.

We've enjoyed exercising to the music as we think this makes exercising more fun. Miss Woodcock loves picking the songs that we workout to!

Have a look at the pictures to see what sort of things we have been doing.

World Book Day

Date: 8th Mar 2016 @ 2:50pm

In year 3, we spent the morning completing different book activites. We had to draw a picture of the character we came dressed as and then describe it. We also has to wirte a book review and discuss the plot and characters. The next activity we did was creating our own stories. To do this we had to write down and cut out different characters, settings and objects from different books. At random we had to pick 2 characters a setting and a prop and create our own mini stories.

Laura picked: Harry Potter and the Queen ice, living in an ice palace with a wand.

Callum picked: Aguero, Fantastic Mr Fox, The death Star and chocolate from Willy Wonka.

Lexie Picked: Harry Potter, Darth Vader, living in the underground and they had goo.

On Thursday 3rd march, the book fair opened and there was lots of different books like Creature Teacher and lots more. A few of us bought a book or stationary from the book fair.

Look at the pictures of us dressed up for the day!

Conor, Dylan, James, Sam, Laura and Billie all dressed as Harry Potter.

Owen came as Charlie Bucket

Georgia was an Oompa Lumpa- So was Miss Woodcock!

Aanya and Charlotte were Snow Queens

Isla was Mildred from the Worst Witch

Lexie, Erin, Erin and Jess were all Herminone.

Gwen Was the Creature from Creature Teacher.

Lieselotte was Nimbus 2000

Atharva was The Wimpy Kid.

Josh R was Darth Vader

Josh D was Mr Twit

Evie was Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Carli was Ginny

Harvey was a ninja

Callum was Horrid Henry

Sam was Fantastic Mr Fox

Sean was Aguero from a Manchester City Football Book.

"There was loads of people dressed up as characters from Harry Potter!" Lexie

"All the grown ups dressed up, I really liked it and they made a show!" Laura

"The funniest grown up was Mr Hope!" Isla

"Some people in KS1 were Star wars character too!" Josh R

"There were some children who dressed up as characters that no one else did!" Atharva

"We did some really fun activities!" Erin M

Art Project update

Date: 24th Feb 2016 @ 10:14am

Just before half term, we finished our final versions of our art for the Art Project.

On the whole we were much more pleased with our second go so were happy that we got to have a practise and learn from our mistakes the first time round!

Most of us chose to use the same colours but a couple of us changed our minds having seen how lovely other childrens work looked using different colours.

We really concentrated on our sketching to ensure that we didn't press too hard so that if we wanted to change it we could. The black for the trunk was the trickiest part to get neat because we had to make sure we took our time, didn't smudge the black and create a neat line along the side of the trunk.

Here are some pictures of our work. We think they're going to look really good when theyr're framed and hung in the exhibition. If you look in 3W's gallery, you will see all of our work.

SID 2016

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 2:23pm

An overview of our SID and activites.

On Tuesday 9th February we spent the afternoon carrying out SID activities. We talked about the assembly Mrs Muir held, discussed the survey that we all did and picked the right answers, we thought about how we would feel if we recieved certain messages and picked feelings to describe us and we created our own rules to make the internet a better place.

On Friday 12th February we watched a performance about SID and the problems we might have and how to solve them.

Billie: We were told not to give out our personal information like our school, house address and phone number.

Callum/Lexie: We should not go on social media sites until we are 13 and an adult should know and be near you.

Carli: People aren't always who they say they are. Be careful who you talk to.

Conor: People could be in disguise- adults could be pretending to look like children. Tell an adult if you are worried.

Georgia: We watched a play about internet safety and learnt alot about it.

Jessica: You should never put your real name or anything about you on the internet. Your usernames should be made up.

Evie: If something comes up on your computer for example: asking for money or information. Stop, block and tell someone.

Joshua R: Don't carry worries with you, if you are worried about anything you must ask and tell someone.

Owen: Cyber bullying is bullying over the internet eg: posting pictures or saying rude and mean things. If you are mean to your friends over the internet, you will lose your friendship.




Art Project by Georgia Cunningham

Date: 12th Feb 2016 @ 2:10pm

We designed a tree for Spring, Autumn or Summer.

In pencil, we drew a tree trunk and thought about the branches.

We painted the trunk black and used black felt tip to make the branches bold.

We had to choose 3 different colours to paint the flowers and leaves onto the trees. We could choose from greens- for summer, pinks for spring and blossom or Autumnal colours.

We used our fingers to dip into the paint and dot the flowers onto the trees.

On Thursday we had a practice and then today we did the proper one and we all did much better than the practice ones.

It was awesome!

Hinduism and their belief in Karma

Date: 25th Nov 2015 @ 12:23pm

We were learning about Hinduism and their belief in Karma.

We found out that Karma is- if you do something good, later something good will happen to you however if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you.

We made a list of good deeds like helping someone if they're hurt, or looking after others. We also made a list of bad deeds like, stealing and bullying.

We got to make a snakes and ladders game which had lots of good and bad deeds on. If you landed on a snake there was a bad deed and you had to go down and if you landed on the ladder there was a good deed and you got to move up.

We got to play them together using dice and counters.

Look in our gallery for some pictures of own games.


Leaf collecting in Art

Date: 13th Nov 2015 @ 11:40am

We went outside onto the field yesterday to find some leaves that we thought were quite interesting. Miss Woodcock really liked taking us outside becuase, although it was windy, we all ran around enthusiastically and smiled lots whilst collecting our leaves. Near the infant playground., there was lots of yellow and green leaves and some of the leaves we found were different patterns and had some scales on. We looked at the different colours and discussed what happened to leaves in the autumn.

The most popular leaf that we found was the maple leaf, from the maple tree. We seem to have lots of them in our field. We noticed that most of the leaves were breaking because they were old and dying.

When the wind started to pick up, some of us started to kick and throw the leaves at the fence. They stuck to the fence and we got to pick our favourite leaves off the fence.

We collected the leaves in a tray, but because it was windy, they kept blowing away. Lexie and Evie carried them back to the classroom making sure we lse anymore. We had to try and draw the leaves without taking the pencil off the paper and also by closing our eyes. We had to draw the leaf from what we could see, and we weren't allowed to move it.

When we were drawing, closing our eyes seemed to be the hardest, but the funniest.

We also went in the outside classroom to look at some of the leaves that we had collected.