Reception Class 2017 - 2018

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Reception Class Teacher

Miss Banks

Mrs Hughes

Foundation Stage Teacher

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Mrs Wilde


Welcome to Foundation Stage

On this page you will find out about what we have been learning, finding out and doing.

Reception is a very important year at school and within the year we aim to provide the children with the tools that they need to ensure they have a successful learning journey at Marlborough. The children learn the values that are important to us at both Marlborough and in the wider community, to take responsiblity for their actions, to be tolerant and understanding as well as how to enjoy their learning and work in harmony with others.

We hope you enjoy discovering what life is like at Marlborough. As ever if you have any question please feel free to come in and chat to us after school.



The teachers in Foundation Stage are Mrs Rowson, Mrs Higham, Mrs Hughes and Miss Banks.  Mrs Hughes  teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs Higham teaches on a Monday and a Tuesday, Mrs Rowson teaches on a Wednesday , Thursday and Friday and Miss Banks teaches on a Thursday and Friday. Miss Tune and Mrs Warburton are the teaching assistants and Mrs Wilde works as a HLTA within the class on alternate Wednesday mornings and alternate Friday afternoons when the teachers have PPA.

Autumn Term 2017

Marvellous Me and Nursery Rhymes moving into Festivals and Light.

We got so much out of our Autumn Welly Week. Please visit our Gallery page to take a peek at some of our exciting activities.

Our theme for this half term will be Festivals and Light.

Wow! what a great start back to Autumn Term 2. The children slotted straight back into our routines and were brimming with ideas and questions about Halloween and Bonfire night. Take a look at our gallery to see our work. We have explored Rememberance Sunday, looked into how Divali is celebrated and will be exploring 'night' following the children's interests before beginning to explore Christmas.

As always, many more ideas and activities evolve from the childrens excitement, interests and ideas that they discover through the topic.

In Reading, we have all learnt to look after books and have become familiar with illustrations and print. We have loved listening to you retelling stories and are amazed how many of you know your phase 2 tricky words and are using your phase 2 phonics to blend and read words. Keep reading at home it really does make a difference to your child's progress. 

In Phonics we are recapping our knowledge of our phase 2 phonemes and continue to focus on how to blend two and three letter words. We are also introducing some phase 3 diagraphs.

We continue to have a high focus on forming these letters correctly, please practise these whenever you can.

In Maths we are continuing to focus on touch counting acurately and rote counting forwards and backwards with confidence. We are looking closely at numbers to ten and how they can be represented in a variety of ways. Reasoning and problem solving has been introduced and we are incredibly proud of the children's ability to expain why something could represent a certain amount or what we might need to do it to make it represent that amount. We are introducing the idea of comparing amounts saying if they are the same, greater or fewer. We will also be looking at the size and position of objects and 2d shapes.

Please continue to encourage your child to dress and undress independently at home,  including shoes and coats. Encourage little fingers to fasten up their coats, this is fantastic devlopment for the strength needed for writing.


A key focus throughout the year is reading. The children will usually read in school once a week and we would ideally like them to read to an adult at home every day whenever possible.

In addition to reading, the children have been given a list of high frequency words to learn at home. Please help your child to read these by encouraging them to blend by sounding out the words that are decodable,  for example "b  i  g" and "p  u  t."   There are also "tricky" words, on the list, such as  "the" and "said" and the children should be encouraged to  learn to read these by heart, through little games and tasks, as this will really help to speed up the reading process.

Rainbow Books

Your children have now completed their Rainbow letters book. Please continue to use this book to practise and recap on these important phase to phonemes. You may like to use the remaining pages to practise forming your letters or writing words.

Marvelous Me Bag

A huge focus in Reception is becoming a confident speaker and an attentive listener. This half term children are invited to share a photograph with the class. Help your child to think about what they will say about it. Where was it taken? Who is in the photograph? What were you doing? We are also encouraging children to ask questions.

Useful Websites /Apps to access with your child      This has some lovely games to help support our work on phonics. No need to subscribe click on free phonics play on the far right on the webpage.    There are some lovely games on here to support both Literacy Development and Mathematics.

The Cbeebies website 


twinkl 123 count to 20

Forest  phonics

Tricky words

Phonics play

You can read

Useful activities to do with your child at home

Share books and read to your child. Talk about the pictures, characters, events and how they feel about them.

Make the time to intoduce new vocabulary when reading stories, visiting new places or experiencing new things.

Make up stories about toys, objects and journeys.

Encourage your child to spot letters, numbers and shapes in the environment.

Count objects and talk about their size

Play dice games.

I spy


During the afternoon each day we have a fruit or vegetable snack, this is a government initiative where children in the infants have a piece of fruit. We call this session "snack and chat" This time provides a lovely opportunity for the children to sit with their peers and reflect upon the day and enjoy a healthy snack.

Each day children require:

A small healthy snack for morning break only.

Reading books and diaries.

A coat  (even when its not raining as we often go to the woods where it is colder)

A pair of wellies (to be left in school)

P.E. Kit (to be left in school) these will be sent home for washing at the end of each half term. Please also put a pair of socks and spare underwear in the bag in case of your child having an accident or getting wet playing in the playground.

If your child borrows any spare clothing from us then please return it ASAP because we have a limited supply.

A water bottle with a sports style top to reduce spills (containing water only please)

Useful information

Below  are two videos that cover all the phonemes we are learning in class.  The first covers the initial sounds that your child will be starting to become familiar with during the Autumn term. The second is the Phase 3 sounds which are made up of two letters (we call these diagraphs).

Your child may enjoy teaching you the actions for each letter. The actions and songs really help the children to remeber the letters and sounds so please practice these with your child.




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