Class 4U 2019 - 2020

Miss Upton

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Wilde


Welcome to 4U

Monday 30th March

‘Have big dreams. You will grow in to them.’

Aloha everyone and welcome to week 2! It feels like so long ago since we saw you all and we really are missing you. Did anyone take part in Earth Hour? I put your video last week but unfortunately couldn’t get it to upload on to Facebook – I think too many people must be online at the moment.

Joe Wicks is on again this week if your legs are feeling up to it. Personally, we are using it as an excuse to each more chocolate but don’t tell the adults. In great news, he is donating all of the money that he makes from people taking part to the NHS so joining him also helps to raise money for a great cause.

This morning:

This morning, we would like you to work through one of the maths activities in your pack, plus one of the writing activities in your pack. Like last week, this might take a few days if you choose one of the longer pieces.

If you have any extra time, don’t forget, there is also TT Rockstars and reading that can be done any time too. Read…read…read…read…read!

Afternoon activities for this week:

This week, we would like you to work through the tasks from the topic sheet that you haven’t yet completed. This was the sheet with: Design Your Own Wildlife Garden, Make a Viking House/Longship, Become an Illustrator and Design a New Creature.

We found this little video and it is a great one to watch as a little introduction to the Design a New Creature task.

If you like, ask an adult to email some pictures of your creations over; we would love to see some.

Fun activity ideas for today:

It is looking a little dull today so why not spend some time on BBC iPlayer watching Blue Planet or Planet Earth. Choose your favourite scene and create your very own David Attenborough style voice over. Don’t forget to record them and send them to us. You can make them as descriptive and professional or humorous as you like.

Ben Fogle is continuing his live adventure classes at 4pm today on Instagram.



Love maths? Missing your daily math lesson? We can assure you that the teachers really are missing teaching them to you but why not tune into these fantastic home learning lessons below with Gareth Metcalfe. Gareth is a Primary Maths consultant and has recorded some online problem solving session which will keep your maths brains occupied for hours. Please do record these in your scrapbooks so we can see how hard you have been working.

Useful Websites

It is expected that by the end of Year 4 children know by heart all times tables to 12x12 and corresponding division facts.  Please ensure that children practise these regularly (3/4 times a week).  The following online games and activities may be useful: - every child has an individual login for Times Tables Rock Stars.

Here are some activities which you may find useful to reinforce spelling, grammar and punctuation taught in school:

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