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                     Welcome to the class page for 5H

Week beginning 6th July

Good morning everyone. I hope you have enjoyed your first week of 'be careful what you wish for' English planning and are now feeling extra confident at reading an ddrawing graphs (it doesn't get any harder than that really). 

Maths this week is all about angles and involves learning how to use a protractor. This is new learning for the children and it can be a little tricky so don't worry if you have to watch the videos a few times to remind yourself of all of the tricks. Always engage your brain at the end to check your answer. You know what 90o looks like so if you have 123o and it's an acute angle you know you have made a mistake somewhere. 

The extension for this week is to go on 'I see maths'. The people who have already used these videos are finding them challenging and interesting. Take a look for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled on TTrockstars as there may be a 5H vs 5T battle coming up. 

English this week contines with the theme be careful what you wish for and the childrena re planning and writing their own story this week. Spelling is all revision and includes some themes within. I hope you enjoy them!

Why not try...

I was so happy to hear that those of you who watched 'The Planets' thoroughly enjoyed it! 

I know some of you have been enjoying art in lockdown so here is an idea for you 

the website takes you through exactly how to recreate your own animal collage and even has some YouTube videos to help you get the technique just right. 

Create a grid showing the time in different countries. You could create a list of countries that are in the same time zone as us then find some that are two hours ahead (+2) then 5 hours ahead (+5) then you could even find some that are behind. You choose which time zones you would like to investigate but make sure you look at where the country is in relation to the others you have looked at beacuse it will paint a picture.


Additional support and resources 

David Walliams is reading diffferent stories each day too. Sit back with a teddy and enjoy listening!

Want some more maths challenges? Why not tune into these fantastic home learning lessons below with Gareth Metcalfe. Gareth is a Primary Maths consultant and has recorded some online problem solving session which will keep your maths brains occupied for hours. Please do record these in your scrapbooks so we can see how hard you have been working. 

Oxford Owl - ideal for those still on reading levels or who are on 'taking off' books. Log in details are on the letter to the right of your screen.

Want some more spelling practice? Spelling Frame is a great website that organises spellings into rules and groups based on the curriculum. Have a look!

Primary Literacy Glossary for Parents

Missing SPAG? Log into and see if there are any activities you haven't completed. We will try to make sure there is at least one a week for you to have a go at.

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