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Good Morning everybody!


Friday 3rd April

Hello lovely Year 5-Last day before Easter...

You have all done so well over these last 2 weeks( your parents too). We have been receiving some lovely Emails from you- it is so lovely to hear from you and that you are making the very best of this difficult time.

For today's work, try one of the maths activities which you have not completed yet- take your pick!

Try to complete your history work. Send them to us and we could perhaps put your work on this website. I will also put the crossword answers on here for you.



Fun activities for you to try today or over Easter:

Have you seen THE NEW HARRY Potter at Home website. Even if you are not a fan, there are lots of activities and puzzles that you might enjoy. If you love the books, there is enough to keep you occupied for most of Lockdown we would imagine.

Chester Zoo are going live throughout the day on their Facebook page. Each hour they will be with a different creature.

Love maths? Missing your daily math lesson? We can assure you that the teachers really are missing teaching them to you but why not tune into these fantastic home learning lessons below with Gareth Metcalfe. Gareth is a Primary Maths consultant and has recorded some online problem solving session which will keep your maths brains occupied for hours. Please do record these in your scrapbooks so we can see how hard you have been working.

Miss Upton has written an excellent lockdown challenge for you to try over the Easter Holidays. We will be sending you all an email with the instructions and challenges! Good luck.

Thursday 2nd April

We hope you are all well.

Two more days left with the pack we sent you.

You could have a go with problem 12 from the maths sheets today. It'll keep you fit whilst you are doing your maths.

See if you can complete the crossword- it will be hard.! Try it without the words first. Then get someone to read the words to you and see if you can complete any of the clues.  To finish it,and complete any unsolved clues, take the words and search for the meanings  in a dictionary. I wonder if anyone can complete it without looking at the words or a dictionary? Let us know if you can!!!

Over today and tomorrow see if you can complete your topic work. Miss Taylor and I would love to see some of your work. We can even put some of the work on the website. If you can email it to us so we see what you've been up to. It could be a photo,a powerpoint or a word document.

Have another wonderful day. Remember to balance your day with some reading, some exercise ,some school work and some fun !!

Wednesday 1st April

 You have to do 2 sessions of Joe Wicks!!!??

April Fool

Have you had any good April Fool pranks this morning ?

How did you get on wih the converting from grams to kg, ml to litres etc? We will post some example answers below for you to check whether you were on the right track. For today, have a go with problem 7 today from the maths list. It is all about working with a system so you don't miss any of the answers.

Carry on with your Greek topic presentation. Continue to add  a couple more paragraphs / pictures/drawing if you are writing  a non-chronological report or a couple more pages if you are presentating a powerpoint or keep working on your poster.

We will also make a crossword with last week's spelling words on for you and post it below for you to practise meanings and spellings. We promised we would post the answers for arithmetic test 6- we will do that this afternoon to give you a chance to finish if you haven't already.

Don't forget your 30 minutes reading and to choose something fun  from the list to do this afternoon. Maybe you could make some cakes or biscuits or help your parents cook tea ?

Have a good day. Take care!

Tuesday 31st March- Last day of March!

Have you done your exercise yet... we hope so. Its a really positive way to start the day,getting the blood flowing making you feel healthy and happy.

How did you get on with the factors and multiples yesterday ? i will post some answers below for you later this morning. Have a go with task 6 today. it is all about converting units of measure. Remember ther are 1000 grams in a kilogram,1000m in a km and 1000ml in a litre. You all know how to multiply and divide by 1000 so should have no trouble!! My son Alex was telling me that someone has run a marathon on their balcony which was 7m long. How many times did they have to run back and forth to complete a marathon. Email us if you have an answer!

We now have a class email address which we will be checking at least once a day if you have any questions or concerns about the learning. or

Make today a reading day-have a go with one of the comprehension exercises from your pack and also remember to read your book ( at least 30 minutes).

How are you getting on collecting facts about the Greeks ? Start to put the information together today. Maybe write an introduction, complete some drawings and write a section or two. Don't forget  superb punctuation, complex sentences, parenthesis and lively phrases!

Have a good day!

Monday 30th March

Happy Monday! We hope you've enjoyed your weekend with your families. Have you done your daily exercise yet- with Joe ? If you have- well done for starting the week energetically !! Mrs Harland has hurt her back but is hoping to get back to exercise very soon. If you haven't done any exercise today yet you can always do it later on the day !

How about making today a writing day ? Firstly have a go with an online SPAG exercise. Later you could then start to think about a piece of topic work. How about collecting some information about an aspect of Ancient Greek life- there are ideas in your pack. Olympics? Battle? Democracy? Architechture ? How about collecting some ideas under subheadings so you can organise your writing/presentation into sections or paragraphs when you come to write it.

Have a go with Maths activities 5. You need to make 2  digit numbers rolling a dice. Say you throw 25. What are the factors?

25- 1,5 and 25

33-1,3,11 and 33

Remember square numbers do not have all factor pairs-one number is always on its own but all other numbers have factor pairs. This helps you to know you have found all the factors.

Multiples of 33 ?

How do you multiply by 10? 100? 1000?

Move the digits 1,2 and 3 places to the left-you remembered that didn't you!!!

Find 3 digit numbers next if you would like an extra challenge. Write your answers in your red book please.

 Also see if you can finish arithmetic test 6 by Wednesday. We will post the answers then.

Have a great day.


Friday 27th March

You made it! Your first full week of home learning. Happy Friday everyone! 

Don't worry if you have not completed all the activites we have asked you to do. This is home learning-very different from being in school! You will have found lots of differnt ways to learn I am sure ! You could always scroll down and see what you might have missed later or or next week.We really miss being able to talk to you and help you. Maybe we will be able to do this in some way soon.

Last day of Joe Wicks before a well-deserved two day rest! Maybe next week we will try some yoga to start the day instead! 


If you haven't already, today is the day, you need to complete the first maths test (to avoid doing 2 next week). The answers are below and remember to make sure you know where you went wrong. Have a go with activites 3 and 4 from the maths sheet. You will need that dice again! Write your answers in your red books.

Today is another reading day, if you chose to do a shorter activity last time (one of the 60 second reads) then do a longer one this time. I suggest Gelert and The Meteor Shower 60 second read. It doesn't matter if these are the ones you chose, but we will put the answers up for these two so you can check them. 

David Walliams is reading one of his stories every day- follow the link below for a listen!

As today is yet another beautiful day, we suggest you make some natural art out of what you can find in the garden. Alternatively, you might want to make a bug hotel or shelter. Try to take some pictures if you can and add them to your book! Afterwards, you could imagine that you are only 2cm tall and stumble across what you've made. What would your impressions be? How would you describe it? 

Have a fabulous day in the sun and enjoy a relaxing weekend!

Thursday 26th March 

Another Morning with Joe Wicks and we can feel it in our legs! 

For maths today, you could have a go at the first arithmetic test (or save it for tomorrow for maximum practise!). You don't have to do it in timed conditions but if you wanted to challenge yourself you could! We will put the answers up so you can mark them. For any that you didn't get right, have another go next to it to see if you make the same mistake then treat it like a correct or not correct. Where did you go wrong? PS Did you remember to put the dice back from yesterday ?

Have a look at  if you haven't already. It reinforces all of the techniques we practise in school and has the words separated out into rules! You can also have a go at SPAG D2. Remember to read the paragraph at the beginning to help you. The questions ask you about subordinate clauses, noun phrases and others. 

Now might be a good time for you to do some writing related to your book. Could you write the next chapter or compare two characters? You might want to make a list of unfamilar words, find the definitions and write some sentences using them. If your book isn't inspiring you, why not take a look at the writing ideas page? You could write a short story about the andventures of a bug in your garden. Yesterday, I saved a caterpillar from being squashed on the road. I could write from its perspective as a giant leaf was placed in front of him just as he had made the decision of a life time... to cross the dreaded road. 

I don't know about you, but all this lovely weather makes me thirsty. Why not design and make a smoothie using all your favourite fruits today? Write down the ingredients for 1 or 2 people. Try scaling up for 10 people,100 people, 1000 people ?

If you are looking for more homeschooling ideas, take a look at our useful links. We are finding exciting new links everyday!

Wednesday 25th March

Hope you are not too achy after Joe Wick's workout ! Alex ( Mrs Harland / my son) seemed to think that the 'Mummy Kicks' were a good excuse ( if you see what I mean?)!

Have found a couple of spelling games which will help with this weeks focus words- they are quite hard aren't they ? Today's word of the day is 'stunned'. Can you explain why there are two 'n's in this word? What is the rule?

Make today a reading day. Have a go with one of the comprehensions from your pack- you choose. There are 20 or so maths activites to try. Have you tried any yet ? Have a go with number 1 and 2. Before you start you will need to collect a dice- remember to put it back where you found it after you've completed the activities! Write the calculations in your red books please.

As it's such  a lovely day so why not try to build obstacle course in your garden this afternoon. You could time yourself and see if you can beat your own time? You could alternatively try some keepy uppies or bounce a tennis ball for as many counts as possible.

Click on Year 5/6

Spelling rule 56

There are a number of different games to try.

  • Spelling Tiles

  • Defend the Tree

  • Practice test

Give them a go.

Tuesday 24th March 

This morning we started with Joe Wick's 30 minute PE session again and he had almost 1 million people watching it live! If you haven't had a go yet, you can find his live videos on his YouTube channel from 9am.

He really is right when he says its a great way to start the day. Even if you are feeling sluggish when it begins, by the end you will feel invigorated. 

Today is another beautiful day so why not finish your blossom drawings from yesterday? You might decide to add paint today or start a new drawing entirely. There are loads of natural things that will be a challenge to draw. Alternatively, see what wildlife you can find and do some research - maybe create a fact file or draw it. 

The pack 

Have a look at the numbered maths activities and choose another one for today. As there are two maths tests, it makes sense to do one a week so maybe save this until Thursday when you have got in plenty of practice! 

Lets make today a SPAG day. Look at activity 1. Remember to read the top, there are hints in there to help you or, if you are still struggling, go online and look at the definitions for each word class. You can find the answers for SPAG D1 below. Today's word of the day is 'raging'. What word class does that belong in?

Finally, don't forget to read, read, read! Mrs Harland and I are starting a new book today and challenging each other to read up to the same point each week and discuss it together - you could do the same. As we started The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in class together, you might want to choose that one or look at our suggested books page 1 below. 

Hope you have a great day!

Moday 23rd March

Hopefully you are all enjoying your first day of home learning! We began the day with Joe Wicks this morning, which proved rather challenging, but as the days go by we are determined to improve, 

Once we have a way of communicating, I would love to hear about the timetables you have agreed with your household and seeing pictures of you completing an activity or the work produced from it. 

Today I noticed the blossoms are beginning to emerge, which would be a beautiful thing to draw, and since the weather is on our side for a change, why not get outside with your book and start sketching! Interestingly, the word of the day is 'drenched' and for once it isn't raining! Don't forget to enjoy the sunshine and check out what activities you can be completing from your grid. 

Happy home learning! 

Friday 20th March


Today we will be reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and discussing the characters. We will look at how they are introduced and all the different ways we can find out about their character (through actions, speech, description etc.). You could begin to read this book and do the same thing or use your own book - go back to the beginning and look at how characters are introduced. Write these down and draw a picture of the characters. Look at more than one so you can compare them.


We will be finishing our Greek vases for Art. We have spent some time over the last few weeks looking at Greek pottery and replicating some of their designs. You could have another go at drawing a Greek pot (maybe you could use a different media like paint or pastels) or have a go at drawing a Greek artefact (you can find images online).


Additional support and resources 

David Walliams is reading diffferent stories each day too. Yesterday it was the 'The Terrible Triplets' from The Wolrd's Worst Children 3. Sit back with a teddy and enjoy listening!

Love maths? Missing your daily math lesson? We can assure you that the teachers really are missing teaching them to you but why not tune into these fantastic home learning lessons below with Gareth Metcalfe. Gareth is a Primary Maths consultant and has recorded some online problem solving session which will keep your maths brains occupied for hours. Please do record these in your scrapbooks so we can see how hard you have been working.

Wondering what to do for spelling? Attached are the words we would have been learning this week. These are all words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list. Use the techniques we have been learning in class to help you remember the tricky parts of the spelling. Try separating the syllables (remember every syllable has a vowel in it), use the pyramid structure, create a mnemonic, try writing out the word then checking your spelling highlight the parts you got wrong and rewrite the word correctly, with the parts you misspelled before in a different colour. 

Oxford Owl - ideal for those still on reading levels or who are on 'taking off' books. Log in details are on the letter to the right of your screen.

Primary Literacy Glossary for Parents


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