Additional support and resources

David Walliams is reading diffferent stories each day too. Yesterday it was the ‘The Terrible Triplets’ from The Wolrd’s Worst Children 3. Sit back with a teddy and enjoy listening!

Love maths? Missing your daily math lesson? We can assure you that the teachers really are missing teaching them to you but why not tune into these fantastic home learning lessons below with Gareth Metcalfe. Gareth is a Primary Maths consultant and has recorded some online problem solving session which will keep your maths brains occupied for hours. Please do record these in your scrapbooks so we can see how hard you have been working.

Wondering what to do for spelling? Attached are the words we would have been learning this week. These are all words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list. Use the techniques we have been learning in class to help you remember the tricky parts of the spelling. Try separating the syllables (remember every syllable has a vowel in it), use the pyramid structure, create a mnemonic, try writing out the word then checking your spelling highlight the parts you got wrong and rewrite the word correctly, with the parts you misspelled before in a different colour.

Useful Links

Oxford Owl – ideal for those still on reading levels or who are on ‘taking off’ books. Log in details are on the letter to the right of your screen.

Primary Literacy Glossary for Parents


Salt Crystals

Greek Art

Mayan Masks