Reception Group 1 2018 - 2019

Mrs Rowson

Foundation Stage Teacher

Miss Reeson

Foundation Stage Teacher


Welcome to Foundation Stage FSRR

On this page you will find out about what we have been learning, finding out and doing.

Reception is a very important year at school and within the year we aim to provide the children with the tools that they need to ensure they have a successful learning journey at Marlborough. The children learn the values that are important to us at both Marlborough and in the wider community, to take responsiblity for their actions, to be tolerant and understanding as well as how to enjoy their learning and work in harmony with others.

We hope you enjoy discovering what life is like at Marlborough. As ever if you have any questions, please feel free to come in and chat to us after school.


The teachers in FSRR are Mrs Rowson and Miss Reeson.  Miss Reeson teaches on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Rowson teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Miss Tune is the teaching assistant for FSRR and is in all week. Mr. Dodd works as a higher level teaching assistant (HLTA)  within the class on alternate Wednesday and Tuesday mornings.


Spring Term

During the spring term we will continue to develop our communication and language skills; listening carefully to each other, taking turns and following more complicated instructions.

Our adventures this term will start with the arrival of a very naughty bus... Keep an eye on our gallery and school Facebook page to see what this little bus gets up to!

This term we will also begin to send home our 'Home News Books'. These are sent home on a Friday and collected in on a Monday.  These books provide a wonderful opportunity for you to record what you have been up to over the weekend. Children may also wish to record key words or a sentences to accompany their work. 

Please note, you can also download the 'Curriculum Plan' and 'What To Expect When' files to get a clear picture of the types of skills we will be developing and exploring as the year goes on. 

Fruit Time - Snack and Chat

During the afternoon, we have a fruit or vegetable snack. This is a government initiative whereby children in the infants receive a free a piece of fruit or vegetable. We call this session "snack and chat". This time provides a lovely opportunity for the children to sit with their peers and reflect upon the day and enjoy a healthy snack.

Each day children require:

A small healthy snack for morning break only.

Reading books and diaries.

A coat  (even when its not raining as we often go to the woods where it is colder)

A pair of wellies (to be left in school)

A spare set of clothes incase of an accident.


Useful Websites /Apps to access with your child



This has some lovely games to help support our work on phonics. No need to subscribe click on free phonics play on the far right on the webpage.


There are some lovely games on here to support both Literacy Development and Mathematics.

  • The Cbeebies website 



  • twinkl 123 count to 20
  • Forest  phonics
  • Tricky words
  • Phonics play
  • You can read


Useful activities to do with your child at home

Share books and read to your child. Talk about the pictures, characters, events and how they feel about them. 

Make the time to intoduce new vocabulary when reading stories, visiting new places or experiencing new things.

Make up stories about toys, objects and journeys.

Encourage your child to spot letters, numbers and shapes in the environment.

Encourage your child to apply their blending skills to read words around them.

Count objects and talk about their size

Play dice games.

I spy

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