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Mrs Rowson

Foundation Stage Teacher

Miss Banks

Foundation Stage Teacher


Welcome to Foundation Stage FS1

Monday 30th March

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you have all had a lovely weekend with your families and have been keeping busy. We are ready to start with week 2 of our home learning packs. Please do not worry if you haven’t completed all the activities from week 1, these are just ideas and suggestions of things to do and keep you busy, we are all still trying to get used to the new way of learning!


Today we are looking at the diagraph ‘ee’. Try to watch Mr Thorne does phonics ‘ee’ episode on YouTube. Please complete the ‘ee’ phonics challenge.

Can you draw some of the things you find around your house that have the ‘ee’ sound? Try and write a label next to them if you can.

Don’t forget you can go on the Phonics Play games for free while the schools are closed.


This week we will be looking at addition and subtraction. Ask your grown up to tell you a number, can you say the number that is ‘one more’? Repeat with other numbers. Now try the same with ‘one less’.  You could make it into a game and see who can say the correct number the fastest.

Have a look at the ideas on the ‘Find One More or One Less’ sheet in your pack. Pick your favourite and give it a try! Please don’t try to do all the activities in one go, you can dip in and out throughout the day.


This week we are going to be looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs. If you have the book at home, ask your grown up or an older sibling to read it to you. There is version on Youtube that you can watch if you don’t have the book at home.

Can you cut out the puppets and use them to retell the story? Can you use some story language such as ‘Once upon a time…’

Other activities

Don’t forget to have a look at the other ideas for activities you can be doing. Mrs Banks has been doing some yoga with her children at home- There are lots of familiar stories to join in with.

Take a look here

There is also a new document in the 'Files to Download' at the bottom of the class page. Here you will find some suggested reading activities for Foundation Stage. 

We hope you all have great day. Keep smiling, washing your hands and being as kind as can be. Stay safe.

Love the FS team J


On this page you will find out about what we have been learning, finding out and doing.

Reception is a very important year at school and within the year we aim to provide the children with the tools that they need to ensure they have a successful learning journey at Marlborough. The children learn the values that are important to us at both Marlborough and in the wider community, to take responsibility for their actions, to be tolerant and understanding as well as how to enjoy their learning and work in harmony with others.

We hope you enjoy discovering what life is like at Marlborough. As ever if you have any questions please feel free to come in and chat to us after school.


The teachers in FS1 are Mrs Rowson and Mrs Banks-Razine. Mrs. Banks-Razine  teaches on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Rowson teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Miss Wearne is the teaching assistant for FS1 and is in all week. Mrs Wilde works as a higher level teaching assistant (HLTA)  within the class on alternate Wednesday mornings and Monday afternoons.


Mrs Rowson                                           Mrs Banks-Razine         Mrs Wilde

Spring Term

1st Half- Frozen and Winter

Image result for frozen

We are opening 2020 with the topic based upon the film Frozen. We are linking this with the season of winter. We will be creating a cinema role play area and writing letters to Mrs Pollard asking if we can watch the film. The children are going to be invited to bring their onsies, slippers to wear while watching the film and eating popcorn from cones that they will make. We will go for a winter walk and use our five senses to explore winter. We will make winter soup and then use our creative vocabulary to write winter poems!

2nd Half- Spring and New Life

Image result for chick eggs

We are kick starting the second half term looking at changes that are happening in the Spring time, with a focus on life cycles. We are all very excited and looking forward to the arrival of the hen eggs! This will give us a good opportunity to explore changes to the natural world first hand. It is hoped that the eggs will hatch in the first week that they are here. Please feel free to come in, see the eggs and meet our chicks when they have hatched! We are also excited to be able to watch frog spawn change into frogs over the coming weeks!

As always, many more ideas and activities evolve from the childrens excitement, interests and ideas that they discover through the topic and also events that happen in the world around them.

In Reading, we are focussing on non-fiction texts in connection with our Spring theme and we will be learning to label illustrations and write facts about animal life cycles. Another big focus is tricky words. Please check your child's reading diary for words to learn. This term we have introduced Guided Reading. Children read a copy of the same text in a group. Individual reading is also continuing. Keep reading at home, it really does make a difference to your child's progress. 

In Phonics we are recapping our knowledge of our phase 3 phonemes and moving into phase 4. We are working really hard to blend our phonemes to read longer words. We can now recognise most of our phase 3 tricky words and are beginning to learn our phase 4 tricky words.

We continue to have a high focus on forming letters correctly, please practise them whenever you can.

In Maths we are continuing to focus on touch counting acurately and rote counting forwards and backwards with confidence. We are looking closely at numbers to twenty and how they can be represented in a variety of ways. Reasoning and problem solving has been introduced and we are incredibly proud of the children's ability to expain why something could represent a certain amount or what we might need to do it to make it represent that amount. We are estimating different amounts and are consolidating simple addition and subtraction problems . We will also be looking at finding out the names of 3d shapes and their properties.

Please continue to encourage your child to dress and undress independently at home,  including socks, tights, shoes and coats. Encourage little fingers to fasten up their coats, this is fantastic devlopment for the strength needed for writing.

Please see the 'Curriculum Plan' and 'What To Expect When' files to get a clear picture of the types of skills we will be developing and exploring as the year continues. 

We will also add photographs to our gallery and facebook pages so do keep checking to see what fantastic fun and amazing learning has taken place.


During the afternoon each day we have a fruit or vegetable snack, this is a government initiative where children in the infants have a free piece of fruit or vegetable. We call this session "snack and chat" This time provides a lovely opportunity for the children to sit with their peers and reflect upon the day and enjoy a healthy snack.

Each day children require:

A small healthy snack for morning break only. This may be fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread or toast, half a bagel,

A reusable drink bottle filled with water.

Reading books and diaries.

A coat  (even when it's not raining as we often go to the woods where it is colder).

A pair of wellies (To be left in school).

A spare set of clothes in case of an accident. (To be left in school).


Useful Websites /Apps to access with your child This is a short video to help you support your child with how to say their letter sounds which will help them with their reading.       This has some lovely games to help support our work on phonics. No need to subscribe click on free phonics play on the far right on the webpage.    There are some lovely games on here to support both Literacy Development and Mathematics.

The Cbeebies website 




twinkl 123 count to 20

Forest  phonics

Tricky words

Phonics play

You can read

Useful activities to do with your child at home

Share books and read to your child. Talk about the pictures, characters, events and how they feel about them.

Make the time to introduce new vocabulary when reading stories, visiting new places or experiencing new things.

Make up stories about toys, objects and journeys.

Encourage your child to spot letters, numbers and shapes in the environment.

Encourage your child to apply their blending skills to read words around them.

Count objects and talk about their size

Play dice games.

I spy

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