We have an EAL Resource Base that has many items that we think will benefit other schools in their EAL teaching.

We have lots of resources available to lend to schools which will aid the teaching of children who are learning English as their second language. These range from puppets, games and books for Primary children to folding geometric shapes, books on famous people (e.g. Gandhi, Marco Polo) and other items suitable for KS3.

We also have 16 talking pens available to lend to schools in our area. These pens have “sound files” on them and each pen can hold over 100 minutes of sound files. We have many dual language books and the pens are a fantastic addition, so that teachers, children and parents can hear stories read in both their own language, or English at the touch of a button!

Our resource centre is open to visitors by appointment only.

Please telephone the school on 01625 466414 to let us know to expect you. If you are unable to visit our centre, but know what you might require, please telephone or email and we can send resources to you through internal mail.

English Schools Induction Service

The English Schools Induction Service helps children from all backgrounds integrate into the English School system.

ESIS has 21 short videos, each available in 20 languages, that will help children when they first start school in England.

To watch these clips you will need a login and password.

School Identification Number: 123004

Password: bb71al

Please do not copy and paste the details as they will not work.

Follow the link below and enter the login and password.



Languages available: Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Ndebela, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Shona, Spanish, Ukranian & Urdu