Following consultation with parents in May 2015, The Marlborough Primary School converted to Marlborough Primary School as the only school in Mulberry Multi Academy Trust on the 1st April 2016.  

Much of the day to day running of the school remains the same with our core function continuing to be to provide the best education for our pupils.  There are some changes that parents and staff will see straight away for example, the Governors are now known as Trustees to reflect their charity responsibilities.  There are also five Members who have very specific legal responsibilities. The Members and Trustees are bound by Articles of Association and must use this document to ensure they comply with relevant rules and regulations.  The can be found at the bottom of this webpage.  The school’s funding is now received directly from the Education Funding Agency rather than the Local Authority.  Copies of the Funding Agreement and the Articles of Association can been found at the bottom of this webpage.


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