At Marlborough it is our vision to ignite and inspire creativity and nurture a confidence so that children can express themselves, share ideas and create representations of things in different ways.

Our curriculum is skills based and forms a spiral where our children are introduced and taught different skills using different media. We introduce, learn, explore, reflect and apply these skills, then revist them and build upon them in subsequent years, learning and refining new and existing skills.

Please see the attached art curriculum file for more detail.  Areas we explore and develop skills in are:







Digital Media

Alongside the teaching of these specific areas, we also investigate the work and styles of known artists and develop confidence and flair to apply our newly developed skills and reflect and adapt work in response to what we have discovered.

We encourage our budding artists to employ their skills to many school and community projects, competitions and challenges. Many of our 'yarn leaves' were displayed outside the Macclesfield Town Hall on the 'Yarn Tree'. Our School entered the competition to design the Mayor's Christmas cards and two of our enteries were selected and used with many more designs featuring on the online advent calender.

We are currently working with an artist in residence on a whole school project linked with our Marlborough Mindset to create a large scale piece of Art to inspire and motivate our community.



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