Computing at Marlborough

We hope this webpage will be a platform for the childrens' Computing work and photographs of what classes have been doing in Computing this year.  

At Marlborough, we have invested in brand new hardware for all the children to enjoy, supported by our PTA.  Computing equipment includes Androids, Netbooks and iPads as well the use of our Computing suite.

We started a new Computing Scheme of Work in January 2018.   The new scheme of work aims to challenge and extend the childrens' skills and knowledge in an ever advancing world of computer technology. 

The new scheme of work will cover the following areas:

KS1 Computing Curriculum content:

iSafe (online safety)

iModel (introduction to modelling)

iAlgorithm (computer activities to support understanding of algorithms)

iProgram (creating simple animations)

iSearch (using the web to find things out)

iWrite (creating and manipulating text)

iBlog (writing and responding using blogs)

iPub (creating interactive ibooks)

KS2 Computing Curriculum content:

iSafe (online safety)

iProgram (creating and developing apps the solve problems)

iSimulate (exploring computer simulations)

iData (introduction to data representation)

iAnimate (introduction to animation)

iNetwork (networks, data and and creating web content)

iWeb (remixing and creating web content using html)


Online Safety at Marlborough

Online Safety is embedded into every part of the Computing curriculum and it is regularly discussed during the school day, as the children encounter techonology in daily life.

Every February we take part in an Online Safety Day.   This coming year will be no different and our class Online Safety Officers will be helping organise it.  View our Online Safety pages for parents and children to see who this year's Online Safety Officers are.

Check out our classroom door competition entries to see what we have been up to during previous Online Safety Days.  Also check out our Safety Internet Day video from 2015:

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