Online Safety Information for Parents

Our Online Safety Ambassadors at The Marlborough Primary School (2017/18) are Georgia and Aayan in Year 6. Over the course of the coming year, Georgia and Aayan will getting involved in ESafety Day, helping to host whole school assemblies as well as sharing their thoughts and ideas on how to keep their friends in school safe online.   Watch this space!

Introducing Georgia and Aayan...


Our 2017/18 Year Group Online Safety Officers are:

Bella & Oliver in 2W

2G To be confirmed

Megan & Daniel in 3P

Grace & George in 3E

Tallulah & Harvey in 4M

Maddison & Ellis in 4WE

Alice & Joshua in 5MR

Erin & Lauren in 5H




On this page, we wish to share helpful websites and resources to provide you with the best support for keeping your child safe online.   Below is a list of useful links.   At the bottom of this page you will find a number of useful documents for reading.

Childnet International

CEOP.  Protecting your child from abuse online.

Practical information on how to protect children from radicalisation and extremism.

Files to Download