Marlborough Primary School ‘Lockdown Poetry’ competition.


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Summer Term! I hope everyone’s managing to stay happy and that you’re looking after your grown-ups!


We thought it might be a good idea to unleash the poets in you all, and have a poetry competition with a ‘Lockdown’ theme. The poems can be about things you’ve noticed, how you’ve felt, people who’ve inspired you – anything really.

Remember, a poem doesn’t have to rhyme. Although rhyming’s great as well! The most important thing in a poem is to use lots of descriptive words to give the reader an image or a feeling as they read it. We’ll decide how to judge the poems (either by year group/keystage or whole school) at a later stage depending on how many of you decide to take up the challenge. Grown ups - feel free to have a go as well!

Keep smiling!

Mr Dodd and Miss Grindley

Send your poetry to s.dodd@marlborough.cheshire.sch.uk or lgrindley@marlborough.cheshire.sch.uk

I’ve written a poem with some if my thoughts as an example, although I’m sure you can all do a lot better!!

We went home to learn,

Assembly early for the end of term,

We washed our hands and we kept on smiling.

It was strange at first,

Joe Wicks workouts, lungs nearly burst!

We washed our hands, and we kept on smiling.

Sometimes sad, alone in our room,

We lifted the gloom meeting friends on Zoom.

We washed our hands and we kept on smiling.

Rainbows on windows, keeping in mind

The old and the lonely – we had to be kind.

We washed our hands and we kept on smiling.

Clapping on Thursdays for the NHS,

Our beacons, our heroes in the midst of this mess.

We washed our hands and we kept on smiling.

Seeds of hope were already growing,

As dear Captain Tom just kept on going.

We washed our hands and we kept on smiling.

And when these are just memories, fading away,

We must hold on to the good we saw every day.

The love, the kindness, the friendship, coping,

And we’ll all JOIN hands, and we’ll keep on smiling.


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