Online Safety Information for Children

Introducing our school Online Safety Ambassadors for 2017/18 - Georgia and Aayan in Year 6.   Georgia and Aayan will be doing what they can do to help our school be safe online.  They will be helping to organise International Online Safety Day 2018, helping to host whole school assemblies & sharing their many ideas with us throughout the year.   If you have any ideas yourselves, please go and chat with Georgia and Aayan.  They are very friendly!

Watch this space....


Our 2017/18 Year Group Online Safety Officers are:

2G - Thomas and Issac             2W - Bella and Oliver

3P - Megan and Daniel             3E - Grace and George

4WE - Ellis and Maddison         4M - Tallulah and Harvey

5H - Erin and Lauren                 5MR - Alice and Josh


Class Online Safety Boxes

Here are your Online Safety Officers with their Online Safety boxes.   If you have any concerns regarding your safety online, you should talk to your parents or teacher immediately to get help.

We would like you to use the boxes to share any ideas or thoughts you have to keep your friends safe in school.   These might be ideas for our annual Online Safety Day, ideas for competitions in school or perhaps just a great website you have stumbled across and would like to share.














Below are a few useful links we thought you might to look at / read about:

Play me! Parody Song One Direction - "Who do you share your details with?"

A search engine that helps you find information on the internet.

Watch these videos on how to stay safe online:

Think before you Click!!

Be careful who you share things with online!!

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