ESafety Information for Children

Introducing our school ESafety Ambassadors - Erin and Ben in Year 5.   Erin and Ben joined Mrs Muir and Mrs Baggaley on a trip to Cheshire Police Headquarters in January 2016.  On this trip, they found out all about how to stay safe online and what they can do to help our school be safe.


Look at the files attached to see Erin and Ben's whole school assembly on ESafety.   Also go to the files attached if you didn't manage to get hold of a blogging competition letter.  Erin and Ben will be announcing the winners of the ESafety week blogging competition at the end of February.


Below are a few useful links we thought you might to look at / read about:


Watch these videos on how to stay safe online:

Think before you Click!!

Be careful who you share things with online!!

Files to Download