Every Child A Reader

Marlborough is an ECaR (Every Child a Reader) accredited school. We have a number of interventions in place to support children to succeed in learning to read and write.

Marlborough School is fortunate to have two quailified Reading Recovery teachers.   Both have had special training to find out exactly what a child finds hard about reading and writing and to make it easier for them to learn. The teacher may give children extra attention in a short lesson one to one, work with them in small groups or give advice to teachers and parents on ways to support their specific needs.

FFT Wave 3

Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 (FFT Wave 3) is an early intervention for children in Year 1 who have difficulties learning to read and write.  FFT Wave 3 is aimed at children who are unable to access a scripted group intervention. It is based on the pedagogy and practice of Reading Recovery.  The programme is included in the review of literacy intervention schemes compiled by Greg Brooks in 'What Works for pupils with Literacy Difficulties': 3rd Edition 2007


The aim with FFT Wave 3 is to accelerate learning so that each child makes enough progress in reading and writing in order to access a group intervention and/or continue to progress through whole class /group teaching.  At Year 1 the gap between a targeted child and the rest of the class will be relatively small, so it is easier to use an effective intervention to accelerate their learning in order to close the gap with their peers. FFT Wave 3 is sometimes used with year groups other than Year 1.  The programme contributes to a layered approach to interventions.

The programme in outline

  • Designed for TAs working one-to-one with a child.
  • 15-20 minutes daily for 10-20 weeks.
  • Delivered by an experienced Teaching Assistant who has attended the 3-day training.

Miss Gillespie, Mrs Higham or Miss Egginton will contact you if your child is chosen for this intervention.

3 By 3

Mrs Yeates delivers 3 by 3 at Marlborough. Year 2 teachers select the children for the programme and will inform you if your child will be part of the group.

Children are chosen for this group if they can decode (read) words at a book band 17-18 but find understanding and talking about what they have read difficult. Over the series of lessons you will see your childs comprehension improve through their ability to talk about and answer simple questions about the stories you read with them at home.

Inference Training

Inference training is a group intervention for pupils in KS2 who decode adequately but fail to get full meaning and enjoyment from their reading. Evidence suggests one in ten pupils who decode satisfactorily, fail to get full meaning and enjoyment from reading. Mrs Yeates delivers this intervention at Marlborough.

Through interactive discussions, the group:

• Activate and apply prior knowledge to their reading and use title cues to predict

• Identify key words and elaborate on them to enhance meaning, and develop vocabulary

• Generate their own questions and answer them

• Generate inferences and integrate meaning as they read to build a gist

• Summarise a short text extract using visualisation, quick pictures, picto-words and a 10 word or less headline

• Retell an extract to emphasise the gist

The group meets for two sessions of 40 minutes a week for eight to ten weeks. If your child is chosen for this intervention you will be informed.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact Miss Egginton or Mrs Higham at school or look at the links below -

http://readingrecovery.ioe.ac.uk/about.html - Reading Recovery Europe

http://readingrecovery.org/-- Reading Recovery in North America