External Club Links

At Marlborough we have strong links to a wide variety of sports clubs - through direct coaching links and use of facilities at competition level (this also provides opportunities for scouting). Click the images below to visit the website for each of the external clubs, which we strongly recommend to those wanting to develop their sports skills further. Please see Mr Hope for further contact information or advice.


Pink Ladies Netball:

Mrs Dempsey is a Pink Ladies coach and encourages anyone wanting to play for the school team to attend Pink Ladies as it is a great way to get started in the sport or rapidly develop skills for those who already play (available for Year 3 and above). Please ask Mrs Dempsey for more information.


Prestbury Tennis Club:

Jon Cain (of Star Tennis), who regularly teaches tennis at Marlborough for Year 5 and 6 children, coaches at Prestbury and the club also runs the annual Macclesfield Primary School's tournament. Look out for leaflets from Jon which give details of holiday academies and club contact information.


Macclesfield Harriers

We have many children and parents who are members of Macclesfield Harriers and are happy to recommend this excellent club to any children looking to improve in altheltics or running. Please see Mr Hope for more information.


Macclesfield Football Club

We have strong links with Macclesfield Football Club who come into school frequently and to lead assemblies or run coaching sessions. More recently we have put forward children for their youth club trials and as a result have had a successful signing. We also have a pupils at Marlborough who play for other clubs (Crewe and Bolton) with parents who scout on behalf of these teams.


Macclesfield Rugby Club

Mr Pepper (from Tytherington Academy) regularly attends Marlborough to provide Rugby coaching. As a member of Macclefield Rugby Club, we can recommend children showing potential for the sport to him and he will be able to put parents in contact with the relevant youth team coaches.


Macclesfield Cricket Club