Safer Internet Day 2016 - The Marlborough


This year's theme for ESafety Day was 'Play your part for a better internet!'.   The children started their day with an ESafety assembly from Marlborough's newly elected ESafety Ambassadors, Erin and Ben in Year 5.  Erin and Ben also told the children about a blogging competition and encouraged all children to enter!  They were fantastic and told the children so much about how to keep safe online.  Back in the classroom, the children played various games, did different activities and watched ESafety videos with important messages behind them that the children discussed with their class teachers.   The children also looked at their ESafety Survey results (see below) and the teachers told the children which answers were correct and which were wrong!

We also #SharedAHeart!

Check our our class blogs for photographs and an insight into our day!

At the end of the week, the school was joined by a group of actors who performed 'Pack Up Your Troubles'.  This was a performance all about Cyberbulling.

Useful Websites:


(Survey now complete - Year 2)


(Survey now complete - 6P, 3W, 5HA)


(Survey now complete - remaining classes)

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