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We hope this webpage will be helpful to parents.  This is a platform for sharing resources with you as well as ideas, web links and one or two very useful documents for parents.  Below you can find our calcuation policy which can be downloaded.  This will show you how we approach various calcuations so that you can support your child in the most effective, efficient way.  It will hopefully also give you the confidence knowing that you are supporting your child in the same way that we teach them in class.

Websites for your child:

Where can I buy fun resources?  (Place value board games and much more) (Laminated number lines to 100 and much more) (Sum Swamp - addition & subtraction board game)

Times Tables Advice

Try to practice times tables every day.  The only way to learn them is by shear hard work!  Knowing time tables by heart is essential for your child to progress in maths.

To make it more fun, ask your child to play on the games on these websites and then test them as shown below.

Times Tables Games and Web Links:

When testing time tables knowledge, start by asking your child to recite the table forwards. Then ask then random questions about the same timetable e.g. what are six sevens? Vary the language you use e.g. three times four, 5 multiplied by 8, 7 sets of 3.  Also put the sum into a real life context such as “there are 5 people in the family and each of them needs 3 t-shirts for their holiday.  How many t-shirts will I need to pack?”

You also need to practice using times tables to answer division questions .  Help your child see the patterns in multiplication and division with real objects – sweets work well!  E.g. there are 21 smarties in the tube and three children to share them between.  How many will they get each?  Use the smarties to show 21divided by 3 = 7 and 7 times 3 = 21.  Move on to questions that don’t divide equally so your child has to select the right table and work out remainders.

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