At Marlborough, we work hard to promote PE, sport and an active lifestyle. As part of the curriculum, we teach a range of sports from dance and gymnastics to orienteering and hockey and much more inbetween. In addition to PE lessons, we offer a range of extra-curricular clubs and also incorporate PE into our daily lessons through active brain breaks and Marathon Kids (see the dedciated sports section of the website for more information).

PE lessons are taught by teachers and HLTAs who often work alongside specialist sports coaches to provide children with a broad range of experiences. We strive to build children's confidence in sport, develop their skills and provide a progressive curriculum that takes the children from learning basic hand-eye coordination and balance skills in Foundation Stage, all the way up to participating in competitive sport as they move through KS2 (including at county and regional levels). Our aim is to help all of our children find a sport that they love.


The Curriculum

Foundation Stage: Gymnastics, dance,  basic ball skills (including throwing, catching rolling, stopping) and Movement for Learning. Our Outdoor Provision also provides a range of opportunities to be active (bikes, climbings etc).

Year 1: Gymnastics, dance, ball skills (including simple games) and bat and ball activities.

Year 2: Gymnastics (apparatus and floor work), dance and athletics.

Year 3: Gymnastics (travelling and balancing using apparatus), dance as various sports such as netball, hockey and swimming.

Year 4: Gymnastics (sequence work and balances), dance and various sports such as football, tag rugby and rounders.

Year 5: Gymnastics (sequence work on apparatus) and various sports such as netball, hockey tennis and athleitcs.

Year 6: Various sports including, dance, netball, lacrosse, tag rugby, rounders, orienteering  and athletics. Chidlren also have the opportunity to sail, canoe, abseil and rock climb on our annual residential.


Extra-curricular opportunities

Throughout the year, we have a wide range of sports on offer in addition to those which are part of the curriculum.

Our extra-curricular clubs include: Netball, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, cross country, athletics, circuit training, karate, football, cricket, rounders, athletics, gymnastics and fencing.







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