Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) is considered an invaluable part of our school curriculum in supporting our children's spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development. It helps develop their knowledge and understanding, and provides them with the experiences and longlife skills, that they will need to thrive, stay safe and healthy as they grow up in modern Britain.

The Curriculum

The PSHE curriculum comprises of three key strands that run from Year 1 to Year 6:

- Health and Wellbeing (Healthy Lifestyles, Keeping Safe and Growing and Changing)

- Relationships (Healthy Relationships, Feeling and Emotions and Valuing Differences)

- Living in the Wider World (Rights and Responsibilities, Taking Care of the Environment and Money Matters)

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is delivered predominantly in PSHE lessons and through National Curriculum Science, but is also embedded in all areas of the curriculum.

As well as learning through discrete PSHE lessons, many of the skills that we endeavour to instil in our children are taught and practised throughout the school day. This may include:

- daily assembllies

- reinforcement of school rules

- circle time to discuss issues that may arise

Teaching and Learning

PSHS is delivered using a variety of resources and teaching strategies. The outcomes of the lesson may be recorded in PSHE Big Books as photographs, writing or drawing; however, some lessons may be valuable discussions that require no recording.

Some teaching strategies may include:

- reading stories as a stimilus for discussion

- circle time games and discussions

- drama/role play

- practical activities

- debates

- watching video clip/using images as a stimilus for learning

Supporting the curriculum

In addition to the delivery of the PSHE curriculum, we provide many opportunities for our children to develop their learning. Some of these include:

- theme weeks: Diversity Week, Antibullying Week and Business Enterprise)

- talks from visitors, such as the police, the NSPCC, road safety, the fire brigade, RNIB, etc

- educational visits and residentials

- theatre visits to school

- bikeability

- visits to our local community (Tytherington Family Worship Church, Dementia Care Home, etc)

- community events (Festival on the Field, Summer and Christmas Fair, Harvest Festival)


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