Sainsbury's School Games


Marlborough has been awarded Gold by Sainsbury's School Games for four years on the run in recognition of the important role which sport plays at our school. This is a fantastic achievement and we intend to improve our school sport even further by providing more after school clubs, ensuring that competition at intra and inter school level is available for more children, an ensuring that all children in school can play some role in sport, whether they are contributing by competing, refereeing, organising or providing artwork, report writing and entertainment towards the various competitions we run within school.

In recent years, Marlborough has produced sports teams who have competed in a range of competitions within the Sainsbury's School Games calendar of events. These teams have successfully competed in level 2 (Macclesfield/Wilmslow/Poynton) and often level 3 (Cheshire) events. (See attached page for sports reports)


This success is due to our commitment to ensuring as many children as possible have the opportunity to join clubs and take part in level 1 (intra-school) competition. In September 2014 we gained our first Sports Mark, a silver award, in recognition of our commitment to sport and healthy living - the gold awards we received in September 2015,16, 17 and 18 provides further recognition that Marlborough is committed to sport and healthy living.


We have held a number of house based events in recent years and aim to increase the number of these.  In order to run these events, we rely on our Sports Ambassadors to officiate and organise the events (see attached page for details on the crew).


To help us launch our sports house teams, (Ainslie, Ennis-Hill, Redgrave & Storey) we welcomed Dame Sarah Storey to Marlborough in July 2015 to help run the sports day element of our inter-house competition.



We enjoyed a School Games Day where children in four sports within their teams.





We held a Sainsbury's School Games Day in school based on athletics events.

                                                        School Games Day


Two of our sports teams competed in the Cheshire Finals of the Sainsbusry's School Games in June 2018.


                                       Sainsburys School Games County Finals