At Marlborough, our aim is to develop eager young scientists who are inquisitive about the world around them. To encourage this, where ever possible, we use explorative tasks as starting points for lessons to engage the children and encourage critical thinking. Practical activities and real life contexts are also used to help develop links between science and every day phenomena.


KS1 Curriculum

In KS1, the main focus of teaching is to enable pupils to observe phenomena and the world around them. During this time, children begin to use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out and use enquiry based activities to answer their own questions.

Year 1: Plants (naming common plants and trees), animals including humans (comparisons), everyday materials (basic properties) and seasonal changes.

Year 2: Animals and their habitats, plants (basic needs to stay healthy), animals including humans (basic needs) and everyday materials (suitability for purpose).


Lower KS2 Curriculum

By lower Year 3 and 4, children begin to explore and develop their scientific understanding through exploring ideas then planning and carrying out their own investigations to find answers to questions and draw conclusions.

Year 3: Plants (including needs for growth), animals including humans (skeletal and muscular system), rock formation and fossils), light and shadows, forces and magnets.

Year 4: Classficication, food chains, states of matter, sound and electricity. 


Upper KS2 Curriculum:

The upper KS2 curriculum focuses on deepening children’s understanding of a wide range of scientific ideas. In this stage, children build up on previous learning and begin to apply their scientific knowledge when making predictions and drawing conclusions. They encounter more abstract ideas and begin to recognise how these ideas can help them to understand and predict how the world operates.

Year 5: Lifecyles, materials, Earth and space and forces.

Year 6: Evolution and inheritance, classification, light, circuits, healthy living and the circulatory system.


Additional Opportunities

In addition to the curriculum outlined above, we also offer enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities including:

  • Visits to our local high school for upper KS2 pupils to take part in science days.

  • An after school club for Year 1-6, run by Mad Science. This year, nearly 70 of our pupils have attended!



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