The Parent Teacher Association is an active and integral part of The Marlborough Primary School. This volunteer body of teachers and parents is not to be confused with the Governors. The principle aims of the PTA are:

  • To encourage co-operation between parents and teachers for the well being of the children.
  • To encourage an interest in the educational processes of the school.
  • To engage in activities of all kinds – Social, Educational and Fund-raising – to further enhance the life of the school and those who live and learn within the school.

The PTA is a flourishing association of which all parents and teachers are automatically members. The day to day running of the PTA is in the hands of a committee which is elected at the PTA Annual General Meeting held in the first half of each Autumn Term. The PTA organises regular events at the school aimed at raising money for specific needs at Marlborough and fostering good relationships among the school, the staff, the parents and the local community.

Do you have fresh ideas for PTA events? We really need some new parents to get involved. You won’t be expected to go to every meeting or take on big roles (unless you want to). Everyone has something different to bring to the table. The main purpose of our PTA is to raise funds for things like new playgrounds, resources and technology to benefit our children’s education!

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