Mummifying a Pharoh

Lesson: History

Class: Class 3P Year: 2016 - 2017

We went to  embalming school – we learned how to mummify a pharaoh.


Step 1: We washed the body with water from the Nile and then cut open the pharaoh and placed the organs in the canopic jars making sure we to put the right organ in the right jar. (Imsety the human-headed god looks after the liver, Hapy the baboon-headed god looks after the lungs, Duamutef the jackal-headed god looks after the stomach, Qebehsenuef the falcon-headed god looks after the intestines)


We then pretended to take  out his brain.  We took a hook and pretended to place it up his nose to hook out the brain.


Step 2: We then rubbed  salt on a limb each. This was to l take the moisture out of the body and would be left for 40 days.


Step 3: After 40 days the body is all shrivelled, so now we rubbed oil into the skin, Then we stuffed the body with straw to give it shape.


Step 4: We put fake hair and eyes on the head to make the Pharoh look better.


Step 5: We wrapped  the pharaoh up in bandages. They use to put amulets in between the layers and at the end a papyrus roll with spells on from the book of the dead in his hands.